Folakemi Olamide

Achieving confidence by building muscle and strength

Hey! I’m Folakemi, and welcome to my blog! Initially, I started this blog to share the knowledge and the lessons that I had learnt throughout my fitness journey in the last seven years. Gradually, my blog evolved to showcase my other interests such as travelling, my love for food and my culture, and all things lifestyle.

Throughout my childhood, I was always competitive both in the classroom and on the field. In January 2013 ( my sophomore year in college), I was playing volleyball but it no longer had that competitive aspect for me. I decided to try out lifting and never looked back. Over the last seven years, I transformed both physically and mentally. Lifting helped me to grow into myself, overcome my low self-esteem and confidence issues, and taught me to embrace my inner beauty. In 2018, I chose to compete in my first powerlifting meet and I believe that year I developed a new strength in mental toughness. Powerlifting continues to teach me that it’s not what your body looks like that matters, it is what it can do for you that counts. That message only inspires me to continue to empower myself and other women to be strong.

My blog is a platform where I aim to share the tools that you need to make fitness sustainable in your lifestyle, by showcasing a balance between health, mindset and overall well-being. My goal is to encourage you with words of wisdom to continuously invest in yourself and be dedicated towards your goals.

Facts About Me
  • Nigerian British
  • 63kg IPF Powerlifter
  • Content Creator
  • Fitness and Mindset Curator