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Folakemi Olamide

Achieving confidence by building muscle and strength

Hey and thank you so much for stopping by. I’m Folakemi Olamide and I started Confidence Through Fitness in 2016 as a creative outlet to document my fitness journey as it evolved into strength training. I was studying at the Graduate Institute of International and Developmental Studies in Geneva, Switzerland for a Masters in International Affairs and was sick of research taking over most of my time! I wanted to share with the world my passion for strength training, in particular powerlifting, as well as my love for writing. I used to write fiction stories online in my mid-teens and that love never stopped. Over the years my blog has evolved from sharing my fitness journey to sharing fitness and health tips, mindset, travel and lifestyle content. Confidence Through Fitness is more than a creative outlet but a place where fitness and other adventures in my life converge. Lifting gave me an avenue to overcome my confidence and low-esteem issues, and taught me to embrace what my body does for me and not what it looks like.

I share weekly fitness and mindset content on my Instagram. I’ve started creating more Reels which has been a breathe of fresh air lately and I share more of my personality through there and my stories. I want to share with the world that it is possible to be dedicated with your passion and work 9-5. I’m trying to get into vlogging so I can share more of my travel content, powerlifting tutorials, tips and hauls in that way. Stay around for a while, explore my world…while you’re here subscribe to never miss a post!

I’d love to hear from you so please don’t be afraid to reach out!

Facts About Me
  • Nigerian British
  • 63kg IPF Powerlifter
  • Fitness and Lifestyle Content Creator