Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Sleep

Sleep. We all do it. We have been doing it. Can we improve it and make it better? Absolutely and this is an answer most of us would give. Sleep is one of the most important and underrated tools when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When we sleep, our brain and bodies areContinue reading “Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Sleep”

5 Tips To Eat Mindfully When Doing Everything At Home

Early in this lockdown my trips to the fridge and the pantry was insane. Sometimes I wouldn’t even grab anything but stare at the food that I have in the flat and quickly run back to my home workstation before I grabbed anything. There is no doubt that working from home has caused many ofContinue reading “5 Tips To Eat Mindfully When Doing Everything At Home”

4 Simple Ways To Practice Self-Care

I have always been into self-care in some form or another but these past 15 months have shown me that I didn’t do it enough but only when I was stressed out or in the process of burning out. Now that outside is progressively reopening, I want to take the lessons that I have learntContinue reading “4 Simple Ways To Practice Self-Care”