Tips To Handle Insecurity

At the beginning of the year, I knew that I wanted to enter this year differently and come out of it a better person, with more knowledge and more confidence in my craft. I just didn’t know how to do that. I read all the books, saved all the posts, listened to all the podcastsContinue reading “Tips To Handle Insecurity”

Overcoming Self-Doubt & Imposter Syndrome

Over the last year I’ve found myself stuck in a cycle of self-doubt where I have continuously questioned my ability. second-guessed myself and even felt like an imposter at times. Raise your hand if you have felt this way recently too. Sometimes the thought alone can be heavy and constricting, it can leave me feelingContinue reading “Overcoming Self-Doubt & Imposter Syndrome”

Owning Your Confidence As A Woman

For some reason when people think of a woman in fitness being confident online, their minds always gravitate towards her showing a lot of skin. That has to be far away from the truth. Owning your confidence as a woman may involve showing skin and there is nothing wrong with that, it has a lotContinue reading “Owning Your Confidence As A Woman”

A Clean Space Is A Clear Mind

I always say that my home is a microcosm of my mind feels and looks like. Whenever I feel mentally stuffed, unmotivated, irritable or distracted, it usually comes down to my flat being disorderly. I like order in my flat. Everything has its own home so when there are a lot of things not livingContinue reading “A Clean Space Is A Clear Mind”

Starting Something New

Ever since the beginning of this year, I have felt the drive to pivot in multiple areas of my life. I think having been forced to slow down last year made me realise that I wasn’t living my life according to my true integrity and values. I’ve just come back from a trip to IbizaContinue reading “Starting Something New”

5 Tips for Manifest The Life You Want

I feel like this year was the first year of many where I wanted to be intentional about the goals that I wanted to set for the year. With the end of the June creeping up slowly, it’s a good time to start thinking about how the first half of 2021 has been going. I’veContinue reading “5 Tips for Manifest The Life You Want”

5 Ways To Protect Your Mental Health On Social Media

We are six months into 2021 and I have made some lifestyle changes when it comes to social media. Experts say that it takes 21 days to commit to a habit and 90 days to make that habit into a lifestyle change. I’m well on my way to make 2021 a better year than theContinue reading “5 Ways To Protect Your Mental Health On Social Media”

Believing In Your Power

Once I started to believe in myself, it all started to come together… It’s currently the second week of May and it may seem like it’s too late to restart or try to continue with your goals…but it’s not. It’s never too late to change the story that you’ll tell one day. It’s never tooContinue reading “Believing In Your Power”

Fear of the Unknown

Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of succeed…it’s a common emotion that we all feel multiple times throughout our lives. We give fear so much power at times that it can stop us from even starting our on our dreams. If we allow fear to consume and paralyse us, we feel trapped in boxContinue reading “Fear of the Unknown”

5 Daily Habits That Make A Difference

January really slipped through my fingers, I can’t believe that it has ended that fast. This month has been about clarity for me, clarity in what my goals are for this year, clarity in how I spend my time and decluttering my mind for clarity, peace and focus. Each week this month, I have beenContinue reading “5 Daily Habits That Make A Difference”