Creating a Lifestyle Change

And just like that 2017 is over. Happy New Year friends and happy 2018 to you all!! May this year will be filled with blessings and prosperity. January is that time of the year where the motivation is high, goals are slapped on various pieces of paper and we throw ourselves into the deep endContinue reading “Creating a Lifestyle Change”

For The Love of Fat: Eat For Health

As I have covered the science of protein and carbs, I thought it would be fitting to cover their little brother, fats ☺️ I believe that we have gotten over the phase that fats are bad for you and make you gain weight, right? Unfortunately, some people still believe this myth and do not realise theContinue reading “For The Love of Fat: Eat For Health”

Carbs Are Not The Enemy…They Are Your Friends

  You can guess from the title that today’s topic is all about carbohydrates a.k.a carbs. The reason that I chose this topic is because they are still people in the world that look at carbs as the enemy, breaking them down into categories such as good carbs and bad carbs. Some people still thinkContinue reading “Carbs Are Not The Enemy…They Are Your Friends”

Protein: How To Get Enough Into Your Diet?

Today’s topic is all about that protein life and how to get enough into your diet. As a meat eater, you probably think that getting enough protein into my diet should be easy, right? It’s easier now but it wasn’t like that all the time. When I first got into fitness about 4.5 years ago,Continue reading “Protein: How To Get Enough Into Your Diet?”