5 Things I’m Grateful That I Invested In

You are probably thinking that this post is going to be strictly fitness related. That couldn’t be further from the truth, I do love thriving in all areas of health and having a well-functioned body. Health and fitness is a great investment that will serve you later in life as we get older, our bonesContinue reading “5 Things I’m Grateful That I Invested In”

Summer 2021 Favourites

We have officially ended Summer 2021 and I am ready to usher in Autumn with boots, autumn themed gym wear with all the coats and jackets. There are a few things that I have been loving this summer and I wanted to share those things with you. I have pretty much spent this past summerContinue reading “Summer 2021 Favourites”

How To Be More Consistent

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know how I feel about training consistently. It is necessary if you want grow (build muscle, get stronger, improve your health and nutrition, build a strong mindset) and to start building momentum. I have spoken to a lot of friends, coaches and mentors about creating momentum withContinue reading “How To Be More Consistent”

6 Books That Have Inspired Me As A Black Woman

Reading is an activity that I have enjoyed since I was a child. I remember riding my bike to the local library and spending hours there choosing a selection of books to take home with me. They used to have a competition to encourage children to read six books during the six weeks of summer.Continue reading “6 Books That Have Inspired Me As A Black Woman”

How To Save Money Whilst Planning A Trip

I’m currently getting ready for my first trip outside of Switzerland since the pandemic began. Keeping on track with all the new measures for each country as well as sudden changes has been slightly exhausting. I learnt that you are not fully immunised with the vaccine until 14 days after your second dose which meansContinue reading “How To Save Money Whilst Planning A Trip”

March’s Monthly Favourites

I think that we are all excited about the change of season from the cold and dreary winter to the sunny and fresh spring that is around the corner. I’m usually not the kind of person ready to start buying transitional pieces for the new season but a lot of things have started to exciteContinue reading “March’s Monthly Favourites”

Home and Quarantine

This lockdown period has become a blessing for me in more ways than one. At first, I wasn’t expecting the longevity of it and I didn’t like the disruption of my routine. After accepting and adapting to this new way of life, I realised that it was the I needed to self-reflect and refresh whatContinue reading “Home and Quarantine”

5 Lessons I Have Learnt During Lockdown

2020 has been a really intense year. There’s so much going on and I know that the news only shared something awful happening around the world. I feel like every time I switched to the news as the months went by, it got worse. It can be easy to get sucked into this hole withContinue reading “5 Lessons I Have Learnt During Lockdown”

Black Owned Brands I Have Supported During Lockdown

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a rough year for all of us but it has been especially difficult for Black people across the world with the state-sactioned violence against Black people in the United States. It has been a spiritually, mentally and physically fatiguing year but in that grief and chaos, itContinue reading “Black Owned Brands I Have Supported During Lockdown”

Protecting Your Mental Health

This year did not start in the way that many of us expected. I’ve seen so many posts about 2020 is over, 2020 is cancelled but I’ve chosen not consume content that is damaging to my mental health. We are all going through tough times right now, whether that is financially or emotionally, and protectingContinue reading “Protecting Your Mental Health”