Let's look back at 2018 with the warmest of memories and embrace 2019 with open arms. Happy New Year. Over the past two weeks, I have taken a break from producing all kinds of content and enjoyed the festive season with family and friends. Now I'm back from my break, back to work and … Continue reading 4 WAYS TO START THE YEAR OFF WITH A BANG!

Don’t Let Someone Else Write The Rest Of Your Story

Happy Wednesday beautiful people 💓 Last Sunday as I was sitting on the metro heading into the city, I thought to myself that why do the opinions of others have an effect on our lives? Why do we give them that control? The only person that you should seek validation from is yourself and no one … Continue reading Don’t Let Someone Else Write The Rest Of Your Story

Goal-setting & Creating a Lifestyle Change

And just like that 2017 is over. Happy New Year friends and happy 2018 to you all!! May this year will be filled with blessings and prosperity. January is that time of the year where the motivation is high, goals are slapped on various pieces of paper and we throw ourselves into the deep end … Continue reading Goal-setting & Creating a Lifestyle Change

Mini Cut: 6 Top Lessons

It has been 6 weeks already and my mini-cut is nearly over 😥 Time truly does fly when you are having fun! Seriously, this was my most successful cut to date because I didn't stress about it. Here are my 6 top lessons that I learnt in this 6 week period: 1. Don't Stress! I cannot stress … Continue reading Mini Cut: 6 Top Lessons

‘Let go of things that you can’t control’

  I have days, sometimes weeks where everything that could possibly go wrong goes wrong. Waves of emotions come in sequences of highs and lows. Frustration. Stress. Fatigue.Hunger. Panic. Some situations that we face are out of our control but at the time, we feel that we have lost our grip, our anchor and are … Continue reading ‘Let go of things that you can’t control’