My Current Training Split: Push/Pull/Legs

I recently showed a ‘Day In The Life’ on my Instagram stories and explained what my training split looked like. If you are new here, I started training as a powerlifter in 2018 before competing in my first meet at the end of that year. Since then, I have done a second meet and currently training for a mock meet in January 2022. You can get all the scoop about my journey so far in ‘My Story’ highlight on Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, I also share all my failures and my wins in my lifts in my ‘Powerlifting’ highlight as well. I digress. When you’re online you see a lot of people do chest day, back day, leg day, arms day etc. Something that I picked up when I started powerlifting was the push/pull/legs routine. I have found it to be very effective for muscle and strength gains. I’m able to tailor it for my weaker muscles and make sure that my physique is well balanced. That is important to me. I’m not trying to have a strong lower body with an upper body that can barely do nothing, it’s on my brand for me. I’ve never trained my training split before so I thought it would be great to share my current training split to give you ideas how to combine strength and muscle gains goals in one workout.

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Why Am I Not Making Progress?

One of the most frequent questions that I asked at the beginning of my fitness journey was ‘Why Am I Not Making Progress?’ I remember getting frustrated with the lack of it despite training with a programme that utilised progressive overload. Over the years, I learnt that what I did outside that gym played a big part in why I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. Now when some of you ask my DMs and Q&As sessions that same question, I understand where you’ve been and where you are right now in your journey. There isn’t a single answer for this question as it really depends on your lifestyle on your lifestyle. The thing is not a lot of us like to do a deep dive into our lives and admit where we have gone wrong and acknowledge that we need to make the changes. I think with health and fitness it is hard because a lot of us go into thinking that drastic changes have to be made, when in fact, taking it a step at a time, one habit at a time, makes the huge changes into simple actions.

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How To Choose A Powerlifting Belt?

When I first started powerlifting, I did not know that there were so many essential equipment that I would need. I had to choose which shoes I wanted for my lifts, my belt, knees sleeves, singlet, wrist wraps, chalk, and everything else that comes with powerlifting. It can be difficult if you don’t have anyone in your circle that is in the sport. I did have my coach to talk to about these things but we compete in different federations. It was difficult to figure what would be approved for my federation and what to get. I will be starting a new series next year about the ‘Journey To The Platform’ to help you understand more about powerlifting, the expectations, the federations and how to prepare yourself for your first meet. Today, I wanted to share everything you need to know before buying a powerlifting belt as they vary from the materials used, the thickness, the type of buckles and pricing. I will also be sharing the different types of belts and how to choose the right one for you.

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5 Things I’m Grateful That I Invested In

You are probably thinking that this post is going to be strictly fitness related. That couldn’t be further from the truth, I do love thriving in all areas of health and having a well-functioned body. Health and fitness is a great investment that will serve you later in life as we get older, our bones start to weaken and everything else that comes with old age. I digress. This post is about investing in adult things, I wish I had invested in earlier in my 20s. I’m now 28 years old, and there are certain things and comforts that I didn’t realise that I needed until now. One of those things is my environment and my space. I still have things in my flat that I’ve had since I was 16 years old! Talk about attachment! It’s one of my first pair of heels and I’m convinced that I can still wear it even though one of the heels is much shorter than the other. It’s definitely time for me to upgrade my space and the things within it to discover more of who I am in the present, but I’m taking it slowly. A lot of the things I’m going to mention in this post require time and money but I really wish that I had started investing in them earlier. If there are some things in this post that you know you should invest in, start making your list. Your future self will thank me and present you later.

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How To Warm Up For An Upper Body Day?

I wanted to share with you my warm up routine for an upper body day. Recently I shared my warm up routine for a lower body/leg day. This is what I do whenever I am about to train the bench press but I use it for upper body in general as it primes the working muscles, joints and my cardiovascular system. As the days get colder and darker, warming up our bodies becomes more important as our muscles get tighter due to the cold temperatures. You should never jump into your training sessions without warming up your body properly and risk getting injured. It’s not worth it. I remember skipping my warm up once and I injured myself pretty badly. When we train, it’s not only the actual session that counts but also the warm up, cool down and stretching. I know that there are so many methods out there on how to warm up your upper body but I am going to share with you what I do. I have been lifting for nearly 9 years but this is based off my personal experience and what has worked for me.

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Tips To Handle Insecurity

At the beginning of the year, I knew that I wanted to enter this year differently and come out of it a better person, with more knowledge and more confidence in my craft. I just didn’t know how to do that. I read all the books, saved all the posts, listened to all the podcasts but I still thought I didn’t know enough. I knew it was going to be hard to do it by myself but I was willing to do the work. No one feels confident 100% of the time. We all go through cycles of preparation that come with questions that we don’t know how to answer, but we are determined to take a step out of our comfort zones to learn that new skill or that new activity. The first time of doing something new creates butterflies in our stomachs. It’s normal.

Handling our insecurities is something that each of us face. Whether it is about our personal or a professional lives, we are always going to experience feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty as we question our capabilities. It can happen in all areas of our lives. Once we start to have feelings of self-doubt, it can breed a mindset of scarcity and affect our overall well-being. Over this past year, I realised that what I’m afraid of is never as bad as what I had imagined it to be. The fear that I have conjured up in my mind tends to be worse than the actual situation. This is what insecurity does to us. It creates imagined scenarios that take a hold of us to a point that can lead to unhealthy habits. It is possible to overcome insecurity and here are my tips.

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La Balade Gourmande 2021

Something that I have learnt about Switzerland over the years is that you really need to do your research to find the hidden gems in each canton, town and/or village. The locals, and by locals I mean the Swiss, know what is happening. I’ve been trying to immerse myself in traditions that are specific to certain places in the country to get a taste of what is out there. Most of the events are not advertised enough for expats and international residents. We are really missing out on what is out there in the country. I was lucky one weekend and discovered that there was a ‘La Balade Gourmande’ (a Gourmet Walk) in Mont-sur-Rolle. I had just missed out on the Caves Ouvertes (Open Cellars) and stumbled on this when I was looking for others. I asked a friend to join me and we set off on an adventure.

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Night Time Self Care Routine For Autumn

I’ve secretly been waiting for autumn and winter to arrive. I’m proud to declare that these are my favourite two seasons of the year. I love the fact that we get to slip into multiple layers, playing around with different colours to match the autumn foliage and it is the one time during the year where we can slow down more than usual. In fact, autumn seasons encourage us to rest more and take time to do things that nourish us both inside and outside. We will be changing the clocks back pretty soon but I know that you can see that the days are already getting shorter, it’s getting colder outside and you may not have as much energy as you did in the summer. That is perfectly normal. I recognise that summer self-care can look a lot different to an autumn self-care routine. Although self-care is imperative for a mental health all-year round, autumn is one of the best times to give your night time self care routine a bit of a makeover.

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Guide to Lagos, Nigeria 2021

Mid- September, I hopped onto a plane and went back to the Motherland for a week for my friend’s traditional wedding. I haven’t been to Nigeria since 2018 so I was so happy to be back, even for a short trip. This trip was different as I went for a wedding and there was a big group of us. I flew in on a Wednesday night to meet some of the group who were already there. I stayed on the mainland the night I arrived and then made my way to Victoria Island and checked into the Lagos Continental Hotel. I have been to Lagos (2017) before to do some research for my Masters thesis. I spent three weeks there and was able to explore a lot of the tourist sites. This trip was different as I was able to explore the islands more. Here is everything that you need to know about the trip including the Covid measures.

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How To Create A Balanced Meal?

There is only 3 months left in the year and I am surprised how quick time flew by this year. This is the time that most people start getting ready for their festive seasons as well as realise that they may not have hit some of their health and fitness goals for 2021. You don’t have to wait to January 2022 to restart or drop your goals for the rest of the year. We may have less than 100 days left of the year but that is still a lot of time to create new habits, and take smaller steps that will build up momentum for the upcoming year. Healthy eating and nutrition is one of the most overcomplicated topics on the internet and I can understand why a lot of beginners, people who struggle with maintaining consistency can be confused. I struggled a lot with nutrition when I first started. It took me three years into my journey to figure it out and simplify it so it worked with my lifestyle. It is difficult at first, like most things, but it is doable and as you practice it, you get better. Here are some of my top tips to help you create a balanced diet, help you eat healthier and be devoted to eating foods that make you feel good.

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