6 Best Home Workout of Fitness Equipment You Should Invest In

As freshly new lockdowns are coming in place in countries within Europe again and I find myself in my third partial lockdown, I’ve had to create a box of fitness equipment to hold myself accountable to my fitness goals. During the first lockdown in early 2020, it was very hard to get a hold of certain resources but I have figured out 6 pieces of equipment that you can get to build a temporary home gym or have at home when you don’t feel like working out in a gym.

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Setting Intentions To Reach A Goal

Happy New Year! Last year was definitely a strange one for fitness but when there is a setback, the comeback is always stronger. A lot of us lost both muscle and strength, and put on weight but once we get back into our regular activity levels, I’m pretty sure that a lot of us will experience body recomposition…whether it is your first time or your next time. Without further ado, we have made it to January 2021 and I’m sure that you have either set some goals or thinking about setting some. I want us to shift from the thought of setting resolutions (as there is nothing to resolve) and shift to setting intentions for 2021 that will help us reach specific goals and specific destinations.

I started setting intentions for my goals and my life in 2019. It helped me reprogram my mind, put me in a place of peace and kept me grounded as I priortised my intentions on a daily basis.

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Home and Quarantine

This lockdown period has become a blessing for me in more ways than one. At first, I wasn’t expecting the longevity of it and I didn’t like the disruption of my routine. After accepting and adapting to this new way of life, I realised that it was the I needed to self-reflect and refresh what is left for this year. Now that I am working from home until June 2021, work and home has blended into one environment and it makes logging off from “work mode” much harder than I expected. This brought out my inner childhood activity of interior design. I started creating spaces in my home that separated work from home, and it led me to envision the aesthetics and the aura I wanted for my home. The overall theme that I have for my home is wood and it started with the way the floorboards are constructed. That led me to work towards creating a home that is nature-based using colours such as shades of brown and blue with white and green from my plants. I also discovered that I loved how rustic the colour orange looks against my skin when I wear that colour and I am working on bringing that accent out in my home. Therefore, whenever I come into my flat, there is an essence of warmth and positivity.

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5 Lessons I Have Learnt During Lockdown

2020 has been a really intense year. There’s so much going on and I know that the news only shared something awful happening around the world. I feel like every time I switched to the news as the months went by, it got worse. It can be easy to get sucked into this hole with mindlessly scrolling through social media and watching everyone’s reactions explode on the Internet. While I like to keep myself informed, it was becoming too much. I switched my focus to other things, not only to distract me but pour that energy into things that would revitalise me. It was about being more intentional about my relationships with friends and family, building mindset and my brand, and learning to take care of myself more. If there is one thing that I hope that you takeaway from this post, I hope that you feel encouraged and inspired to do the same in your life.

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3 Common Mistakes Beginners Make In Their Fitness Journey

As I’ve had a long break from the gym, I’ve been able to reflect more on my fitness journey, the ups and downs, the trials and errors. I wish I had known some things back then to understand more about the longevity of the journey. I will share the behind the scenes of my journey in the upcoming weeks but the first thing to remember is that we all start from somewhere and you shouldn’t be afraid to start or to be worried about how you look lifting or doing a particular exercise. No one starts by looking like a professional. Serena and Venus Williams were beginners once, Simone Biles, Gabrielle Douglas, Dina Asher Smith and the list goes on. When I look back to the very beginning, it’s surprising to see where I was mentally, physically and spiritually…I’m still learning to this day. The path to growth has no destination and it’s never-ending.

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Black Owned Brands I Have Supported During Lockdown

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a rough year for all of us but it has been especially difficult for Black people across the world with the state-sactioned violence against Black people in the United States. It has been a spiritually, mentally and physically fatiguing year but in that grief and chaos, it has brought the world’s attention to Black-owned businesses. The amplification of Black-owned businesses opened my eyes to so many different businesses. As I am based in Switzerland, I have been focusing most of my efforts in supporting Black-owned businesses in Europe and the UK. Today I am sharing the businesses that I have supported and will continuously support.

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Chasing Waterfalls in Lauterbrunnen Valley

As international travel is not an option for me in 2020, I have chosen to do staycations and domestic travelling throughout Switzerland for the rest of the year. My first outing took me to Lauterbrunnen Valley, the valley of 72 falls.

What is Lauterbrunnen Valley?

Lauterbrunnen Valley is in the Bern region of Switzerland and it is a trough valley surrounded by mountain peaks and rock faces. Two of the most famous falls in that region are: Trümmelbach Falls and Staubbach Falls. The image that you have conjured up in your mind of a Swiss valley in the Alps with the meadows and mountain inns, that is Lauterbrunnen Valley. Surrounding the valley are other touristic locations such as Jungfrau, Mürren, and the Lobhorn mountains.

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Shooting September With AfriBix

Wearing AfriBix Fitwear

This post is sponsored by AfriBix. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s easy to wear the same gymwear from the same companies because you know how they will fit and look on you. It’s easy to stay in that comfort zone and not venture out of it. Thanks to AfriBix, I can say that I will be bringing more patterns and prints into my fitness fashion style. Doing my first photshoot outside and wearing patterned and printed clothing that are statement pieces in themselves allowed me to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

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Protecting Your Mental Health

Prioritising your mental health is a form of self-care

This year did not start in the way that many of us expected. I’ve seen so many posts about 2020 is over, 2020 is cancelled but I’ve chosen not consume content that is damaging to my mental health. We are all going through tough times right now, whether that is financially or emotionally, and protecting our mental health and prioritising our self-care is paramount.

Currently, I’m working my 9-5 job, at home, trying to cope with this pandemic. I had noticed that I had worked an additional 20 hours both in March and April and I needed to slow down before I burnt myself out. I don’t know why I had worked these extra hours, maybe I was trying to distract myself from the pandemic and my thoughts. Unfortunately, the stress of it all caused me to faint at the beginning of May. The time before I lost unconsciousness scared me. I was grateful that I woke up a few minutes but it taught me that I need to stop, take it slow and work on improving my overall health. I shouldn’t have reached that stage at all and lockdown has shown me that I wasn’t prioritising my self-care and protecting my mental health as much as I thought I was.

How do I balance and protect my mental health?

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January is a long month for everyone. It’s the middle of winter, pay-day seems to be coming slower than usual, and if you are not an avid winter sportsperson, winter can seem like a never-ending season. Learning from my previous January experiences, snuggling myself in my blankets and preparing for hibernation, I decided to change that around and travel. I never travel during the winter but a thought of changing the status quo came to me during the last days of 2018. Here I was ready to snuggle myself in layers of clothing and go for a day trip to the little country of Liechtenstein.

One of my many goals this year is to travel to five new cities and/or five new countries. I’m sure that you’ve heard the cliché saying that “Travel is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer”. Whoever said that was not lying. I love travelling as much as I love training and food. Travelling is like art. It starts as an empty canvas. Each place you travel to is a stroke on the canvas unravelling the stories, the memories and moments that you captured through your eyes. That’s why I love to travel. I get to different parts of the world through my eyes and not through the lens captured by society.

If you are not a fan of travelling or hesitant to do it, start out small. Travel to a new city or town in your country. I hope that this post and the many travel ones coming this year inspire you to see the world through your own lenses.