Carbs Are Not The Enemy…They Are Your Friends

  You can guess from the title that today’s topic is all about carbohydrates a.k.a carbs. The reason that I chose this topic is because they are still people in the world that look at carbs as the enemy, breaking them down into categories such as good carbs and bad carbs. Some people still thinkContinue reading “Carbs Are Not The Enemy…They Are Your Friends”

Protein: How To Get Enough Into Your Diet?

Today’s topic is all about that protein life and how to get enough into your diet. As a meat eater, you probably think that getting enough protein into my diet should be easy, right? It’s easier now but it wasn’t like that all the time. When I first got into fitness about 4.5 years ago,Continue reading “Protein: How To Get Enough Into Your Diet?”

Anxiety or Feeling Anxious?

Thought I would tackle a different topic this week. I’ve been meaning to write this one for months but just needed more time to do the research. Before I start, I would like to say a big thank you to Lacey Dunn (IG:@faithandfit) for sharing her experience with anxiety and being the inspiration for thisContinue reading “Anxiety or Feeling Anxious?”

Exploring Naija (Lasgidi)

Ek’asan friends! I’m finally getting round to posting about my trip to Nigeria. What can I say, I’ve been busy not writing my thesis. 😦 I recommend visiting Nigeria. I had an amazing time and would like to plan a yearly trip there (if I have the money for it lol). I booked my flightsContinue reading “Exploring Naija (Lasgidi)”