Everything That I Wore In Ibiza

Here is a quick look at everything that I wore during my long weekend trip to Ibiza, Spain. If you would like more details on where to stay and eat in Ibiza as well as what to see and do, make sure to check out my A Girl’s Guide to Ibiza 2021 post here! It was definitely a girls trip but I was able to get some really good content. Four to five days is more than enough time to visit the sights, do what you need to do and have a good time. Now that I have been there twice, I definitely will be doing more long weekend trips to other destination spots in Europe for a quick getaway to relax, be a tourist and to slay too! Hopefully next time I travel, I’ll be able to vlog all of it and start my YouTube channel (finally!) Read on to see everything that I wore whilst on my trip in Ibiza and bookmark this post for any holiday outfit inspirations for your next trip! I will be wearing my outfits from Black Owned Brands when I travel in the future.

Check out more photos and my Ibiza highlight on my Instagram: @FolakemiOlamide

I always knew that the first trip during or after this pakuromo season (the other p word is banned here) would be a Blackity Black holiday. I needed it and my assignment was to slay with Black Owned Brands during the trip. I understood my assignment and I did just that. Let’s get into the looks:

Look 1:

Look 2:

Look 3:

Look 4:

Look 5:

I hope that you have enjoyed this lookbook and my Girl’s Guide to Ibiza here with everything you need to know about where to stay, where to eat, what to do, see and visit as well as the covid measures in place. My Pinterest Idea Pins for my Ibiza trip will be live on Sunday 25th July 2021 so make sure to check those out!

What was your favourite look! Shout it out below in the comments.

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