Starting Something New

Ever since the beginning of this year, I have felt the drive to pivot in multiple areas of my life. I think having been forced to slow down last year made me realise that I wasn’t living my life according to my true integrity and values. I’ve just come back from a trip to Ibiza (I will be spilling all the fun I got up to in the upcoming weeks) and it reiterated the standard of what I want my life to be. It’s July 2021 and the way I live now is not the same as how I lived at the beginning of the year or even last year. I’m ready to continue making big and small power moves both professionally and personally. Starting something new is always scary especially as we are afraid that we might get it wrong but without getting it wrong at first, we can’t grow. Without growth, we cannot experience a transformation. Transformation come from continuous progress, change and adaptations. You may be feeling like you are stuck in one place and not sure how you want to pivot out of that place. This summer, let’s make it our goal to get out of the places that are holding us back by letting go of the fear and starting something new that will make our future selves proud of us.

Living the width of your life

Don’t just live the length of your life but live the width of it as well. This has become one of my favourite sayings in the last six months. When we think about our lives, we really focus on the longevity of it but not its width. Life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. To me, that means filling up all the empty spaces with experiences, our best moments and memories. I’m investing heavily in my role of a content creator this year, I have never been this consistent with my blog since I started it in 2016 and I have really enjoyed writing more, sharing my life and my knowledge with this small and growing community. So many new changes are coming to the blog this year and I’m really happy with where everything is going. In the same lens, I’m trying to diversify to other platforms such as Pinterest and YouTube. Was I afraid to start something new? Of course I was and I still am. However being fearfully of living the full width of my life will always stop me from reaching the heights I know that I am capable of. We are all here for a purpose and it may take some of us months, years or even decades to find it but when we do, we need execute it. There is more to life than following the main destination points. We should be able to look back at our lives in 50, 60 years and know that we experienced life so much that we left no stone unturned.

Start creating

Stop surviving. Start existing and creating. Creativity flows through each and every one of us in one way or another. We have the ability to create the life we want. As we get older, we tend to create limits on lives by saying that we don’t have what it takes to be a writer, to work in this field or to build this dream house. When think with this mindset of scarcity and limits, we stop living beyond our imaginations and enclose ourselves in this box of survival. I have mentioned this multiple times that our minds are powerful and we need to operate from a mindset of abundance. We are not here to survival but we are here to live. To start something new, you need to create. You have to build the confidence inside of yourself to pursue your dreams and goals no matter the circumstances. You need to see yourself where you want to be and tell yourself that you are going to get there. Those words and that imagery will create and serve as compass to lead you to where you want to go but you have to believe in yourself fiercely.

Be relentless

Be relentless in finding your purpose and execute it. It’s all about positive thinking here. Recognise what you already have and be grateful. You can’t get more of what you want if you are not grateful for what you already have. When I look back at my gratitude sessions for the past six months and what I have written down, it warms my heart. I remember writing down that I am grateful for the life I live back in January and I wrote the same thing today, even though my life is very different. Being relentless in starting something new in life does not mean to go fast all the time. You also need moments of stillness to reflect on what you have, what you want and how you plan to execute the actions to get there. You need to be intentional in your pursuit. If I wasn’t intentional in my pursuit to improve as an athlete and as content creator, I wouldn’t be where I am today and I probably would have quit as the results didn’t come as fast as I expected. Always think about what you are already bringing to the table and understand that you are on your path. You are making progress and you will make more progress if you continue to practice gratitude as well as be relentless.

Take advantage of what comes your way

Life is short but time is a gift that we can never get back. No matter how old you are, life is full of opportunities and ideas. Always take advantage of what comes your way because when it is gone, you may not be able to get it back. I have the opportunity to invest and improve this blog. I could easily say that I’m not ready for that move but honestly, if I don’t jump on it now, I will never be ready. I will always look back and think what if. That is not how we want to live our lives in this season of starting something new. We hear a lot that life is short and I didn’t deeply understand the nuance of that concept until I was 25 years old. There is so many things that I wish I had done in my early twenties that I’m not able to redo. Instead of focusing on what I have missed, I’m pouring my energy into what I can do now in the present so I don’t have missed opportunities when I look back. Time is something that we all have but once it is gone, it is gone. Be present and be intentional now. Do what you can today and enjoy yourself. Take advantage of every good offer that comes your way and live in it. Be grateful all the time, live in a mindset of abundance and use time wisely.

Ladies and gents! These are the thoughts that I have had spinning in my mind this past week and I wanted to share that with you. This season of starting something new doesn’t end today, tomorrow or in a year’s time. It’s going to be a constant for all of us and don’t want us to let fear stop us from taking that leap of faith. We are given opportunities every single day we wake up to make a change in our lives. It may be as small as a mustard seed today but with continuous and consistent watering, our investment will shine as it continues to grow. Treat your life as a business investment where you develop over time, your pour positivity, gratitude and peace into it. You will see an accumulation because you prioritise your time by filling it up with experiences.

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “Starting Something New

  1. Hi Folakemi,

    I love this post about starting something new. I recently just moved to a new city, by taking advantage of an opportunity that came my way, as you stated. Doing new things, especially those that are challenging and make us step out of our comfort zone, are great ways to grow and expand our minds.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Eric, thank you for reading. I’m happy to hear that it resonated with you. Moving to a new city is always a scary leap but also an adventure, so congratulations on the move. I agree with you. We can’t grow and expand our minds if we don’t take that step forward.


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