5 Waterfalls Worth Visiting In Switzerland

I get asked a lot of questions for recommendations about the places I have visited in Switzerland and tips about the places I choose. If you are planning to visit Geneva and Lausanne sometime in the future, and want to know the best restaurants, brunch places, shopping, nearby cities to visit, I’ll be sharing all of those in upcoming blog posts. Whenever I travel, I plan the locations a year in advance so I can budget for it properly, browse locations to stay, eat, visit, train as well as plan my outfits for each trip. I love to travel and my friends know that I am the plug when it comes to finding inexpensive flights and accommodations so we can take amazing pictures with an amazing aesthetics. Travelling is all about making great memories and having beautiful experiences, so why not take the time to plan it properly? I create travel guides to places that I have visited in the past, if you are travelling to Luzern, Liechtenstein, Ibiza, Annecy, Barcelona, Cologne, or Lagos, check out my posts during my visits there. I’m not spontaneous at all but I like to have fun with a few dollops of planning. Today, I thought I’ll share 5 Waterfalls in Switzerland that are worth visiting. Switzerland is an expensive hidden gem as it has so much to offer. I love atmosphere around waterfalls, they are breathtakingly beautiful. If you are looking to be surrounded by the beauty of nature, here are some places to add to your list.

Staubbach Falls, Lauterbrunnen Valley

Staubbach Falls is the highest waterfalls in Switzerland and it is located in Lauterbrunnen valley, a scenic village in the Bernese Oberland. I had the opportunity to do a day trip in Lauterbrunnen valley last summer and hiked to Staubbach Falls. I really enjoyed the trip there and and I was able to walk into the waterfall itself and see the valley from inside the rock itself. I love visiting waterfalls and Switzerland has more than I can count. Lauterbrunnen valley is known as the valley with 72 waterfalls, I have a post about my visit there. I couldn’t see all of them in a day but if you would like to experience everything that it has to offer, I would recommend staying for 3 to 4 days in the area.

Foroglio Falls, Cevio (near Locarno)

I have spoken so much about my desire to visit the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland multiple times and now that I have learnt that there is also a waterfall in the one of their remote valleys near Ascona Locarno, makes this growing desire burn even more. People describe the village at the foot of the falls as the Swiss version of Machu Picchu, I’m going to hold back on that as I think that every place should be described uniquely as possible and not a version of something else. Foroglio falls (Cascade de Foroglio) is 100 metres tall and tucked away from society, it’s extremely remote and protected, there is only one shop in the area that sells fur, thick socks and honey… you can’t get anymore remote than that. Cluster of stones houses and bridges, meadows with wild herbs and blooming flowers, ferns growing in shaded areas and moss covered rocks. It’s more of a hiking trip than a casual stroll thorough the valley like the other waterfalls worth visiting. If you are looking to visit this waterfall, I recommend wearing protective clothing, a hat, and proper hiking boots. From the pictures, it reminds me of Fern Gully, a children’s film from my childhood.

Trümmelbach Falls, Lauterbrunnen Valley

A snapshot of a waterfall in Lauterbrunnen Valley

Trümmelbach falls was such a surprise when I visited Lauterbrunnen last year, I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting but it exceeded it. Trümmelbach falls are the largest subterranean waterfalls in Europe and they carry the meltwater of the glacier from the Jungfrau Mountains (another place that I would like to visit in the region). They are ten waterfalls in Trümmelbach which are part of the 72 waterfalls in the valley, they are roaring and they are fast! I was extremely cold in the mountain and I recommend bringing hoodies and waterproof jackets when you go there. I took a funicular to the top of the falls and walked around to visit all of them as I came down the mountain. It is such a beautiful sight to see and the fact that all of these falls are in a scenic village that I didn’t know existed makes a great adventure.

Rhine Falls, Schaffhausen

A side view of Rhein Falls

Rhine Falls, you blow me away every time I visit. Rhine Falls Neuhasen in Schaffhausen, about 40 minutes away from Zurich, is a sight to see. I have visited these falls I about three or four times and I will always go back. Each time I visit, I discover something new to visit in the surrounding area and at the falls. It’s largest waterfall in Europe, you can explore both by foot, by boat or both. In my last trip, I opted for stroll through their panoramic trail to see the Falls from all angles. It’s about 45 minutes to walk around the falls without any stops but if you want to enjoy the activities, take a boat ride and include stops, I suggest planning 2-6 hours to spend at the Falls. The most preserved medieval fishing village, Stein Am Rhein, is close to Rhine Falls that is very close to the Austrian border. Two of of Switzerland’s most beautiful lakes, Lake Constance and Lake Zurich flow near the village. You can even plan visiting Rhine Falls with a trip to Austria as the border is not far.

Tine Conflens, La Sarraz

I happened to stumble on this hidden waterfall in La Sarraz when I was planning shoot locations last year. It’s waterfall that is closer to me than any other waterfall in the country! It’s part of a hiking trail where two rivers, the Venoge, and the Veyron meet to form the Tine Conflens waterfall. It’s small and intimate which it what drew me in the first place, I like the fact that there are so many different areas around the waterfall where I can shoot and it feels like I am abroad.

There are so many other magnificent waterfalls worth visiting in Switzerland but these are the five that I have chosen for this post because each one adds onto the charm of the beauty of Swiss scenery across the country. Switzerland is a hidden gem from the rest of the world, despite its small size and its freezing winters, it has so much more to offer that even the locals keep its charm a secret. These waterfalls are only a small glimpse of the breathtaking beauty, the depth of the landscape, the flickers of life that this small Alpine country has in store for travellers all over the world. If you needed a sign to add Switzerland to your travel list, this is it.

So there you have it girls, five waterfalls worth visiting in Switzerland of my choosing and a few other places to visit in the nearby area that I have either visited or planning to visit in the near future. Let me know in the comments which one you would like to visit that is on this list or others that you have heard of! Oh and if you are looking for more travel guides and tips, make sure to check out my Travel section on this blog. I focus on affordable places that you can visit as well as places that will keep you in shape through the walks! There is something for everyone!

Until next time,


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