My Favourite Black Owned Fitness & Lifestyle Brands & Businesses

It’s been over a year since the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests changed the conversation related to racism, and lack of support for Black Owned Brands and Businesses. I have always been conscious to support Black people in general and have curated a list of Black Owned lifestyle, beauty, food and communities to follow and support on my Instagram as well as a list of Black Owned Fitness Brands to support as well. In addition, I have been doing #MelaninMondays to highlight other Black women in strength sports on my Instagram stories for the last two years. So check those out if you are looking to support more Black people in general. Today’s post is about my favourite Black Owned Fitness Brands and Businesses that I have supported and discovered in the last year. Please feel free to leave your favourites in the comments or leave your information if you are a Black Owned Fitness or Lifestyle Brand or Business.


DamiHow – An activewear brand that creates items activewear that makes you feel both comfortable and good. Dami Howells, the founder of DamiHow, is also a content creator.

Yfitwear – A sportswear brand that creates fitness and athleisure wear. They have this beautiful blue colour as part of their Hourglass collection and everyone that has worn it looks amazing in it.

Find HER Strength – A fitness brand that designs activewear for women that find their strength through difficult situations and overcome it. Jessica is a fellow powerlifter that found her purpose through powerlifting.

Reina Rei Apparel – Reina is the owner and designer of Reina Reni Apparel. She’s also one of the first Afro-Latina powerlifter that I discovered a few years ago. I love that her designs are African-inspired and made for women to celebrate their body shapes.

Ju’Nae Fit – An athleisure brand that creates affordable and stylish pieces to promote both health and fitness. This brand has been on my radar for years and I love that each piece is designed to make you feel confident as you work on yourself.

Personal Trainers and Coaches

Just Geen – Gina is a qualified personal trainer, fitness expert, podcaster and content creator that inspires women to achieve their fitness goals. I love that her personality shines throughout her platforms. I discovered her through her podcast.

Christabelle Jacques – Christabelle Jacques is an online coach that shares fitness and travel content to help women transform their bodies. I discovered her during lockdown and I love her dedication and her travel destinations.

Kingc – Chilasa, also known as Kingc on Instagram, is an online coach and powerlifter. When I say if disciplined was a person, Chilasa would be it. She has been training for nearly 15 years, encourages women of all ages to start strength training, lifting weights for longevity. I had the opportunity to talk to Chilasa through my Melanin Mondays conversations last summer and her mindset is inspiring.

Nicole Monroe – Nicole Monroe is an athlete, an online coach, an Army Vet and has one of the most impressive physiques I’ve seen. Her page is both motivating and inspiring to follow as well as entertaining. I love her dedication to her health regardless whether she is on holiday or at home.

AmandaAmanda, also known as angonxo on Instagram, is a sports scientist and teacher. Her tagline on Instagram is ‘Make Them Stop and Stare’ and let me tell you, her page will make you stare for hours. Her work ethic is out of this world and I’m in awe every time she posts. I wouldn’t mind giving her workouts a try, they are very explosive in nature.

Lifestyle Brands

Aya Aromas – Aya Aromas is an eco-friendly, luxury home fragrances business ran by two sisters, Sophinne and Georgette, in the UK. Their business was launched during the pandemic and I have had the opportunity to buy two candles from them, Melanin Dreams and Winter Wonderland. These are my favourite candles to date and even when they are not lit, my flat smells amazing.

House of Kato – I have never shopped here as I don’t live in the UK (and they only ship in London and the UK) but House of Kato is where I get inspiration for the plants I want for my flat, care tips and how to style them in various areas in my flat.

Bespoke Binny – Bespoke Binny is a home furniture business, based in the UK, that makes African-inspired prints functional for home. Think of lampshades, blankets, beddings, aprons, pet beds, you name it! Bespoke Binny has everything that you can imagine. Her business gave me ideas how to integrate an African theme in my flat through wall designs and decor. She has a talent and it definitely shines through her work.

ToyoWrites – ToyoWrites is an affirmation and art decor business, based in the UK, that creates affirmations and quotes for your home and office. Words of affirmations is my top love language and it is something that I live by on a daily basis to keep me rooted.

Elephant & Bamboo – Elephant & Bamboo is a home interior brand that creates eco-friendly and sustainable home fragrance products such as candle and diffusers. Their inspiration for their products are a fusion of African culture with a modern contemporary style. I’m grabbing a few of their candles and diffusers as my theme for my flat is a blend of Africa with a chic yet luxurious style.

Thank you for reading and please remember to drop your favourite Black Owned Fitness and Lifestyle brands and businesses below. I am always discovering new brands and businesses every day, and I would love for this post and future posts to become a resource for all of you.

Until next time,


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