March’s Monthly Favourites

I think that we are all excited about the change of season from the cold and dreary winter to the sunny and fresh spring that is around the corner. I’m usually not the kind of person ready to start buying transitional pieces for the new season but a lot of things have started to excite me whilst at home. In 2020, I built up the courage to start taking baby steps to learn more about skincare and the proper application. I was really that woman that used only water and soap to clean her face everyday, nothing more and nothing less. Spending more time on social media and less time powerlifting, I had the space to discover and try new things. I walked into 2020 learning about skincare and fashion so I could fly into 2021 with some expertise. I’m having a lot of fun exploring my different interests that I want to share my March favourites with you.

Sudio Fem Earphones

Sudio Fem in Classic Blue

If there is one thing that I’ve learnt any audio device, you’ve got to have a great set. I have had my fair share of earphones where the wires snap, one ear stops working or it disappears out of thin air. The one thing that I need to have when I work out is music, preferably music that is curated to my taste. That’s why my Sudio Fem earphones are a favourite this month. I have a set of their Regent headphones that I use all the time during my work Zoom meetings, for calls with family, listening to music to inspire my future content. I collaborated with Sudio last April and I have rinsed through the earphones every day. The earphones have interchangeable eartips and the have a feature that isolates the noise, that’s a bonus for me.

Etude House Soon Jung Toner

Etude House Soon Jung pH 5.5 Relief Toner

Did I already mention that I used to be that girl that ONLY used water and soap for her skincare routine?! Although my skin is sensitive, a combination between dry and oily, it was pretty clear until I reached 26. If it wasn’t for lockdown, I wouldn’t have spent time figuring out a skincare routine, what products works best for my skin, how to use the products (and the order), and a morning and evening routine is imperative. Who knew that so much work had to go into skincare?! That’s why my favourite product for this past month has been Etude House Soon Jung pH 5.5 Relief Toner. It feels really good on my skin. It’s light, it’s both hydrating and calming on my skin. It’s one of the best toners that I have tried.

Mac Cosmetics Lip Liner in Chestnut

Mac Cosmetics Lip Liner in Chestnut

I wouldn’t call myself a beauty or a makeup enthusiast but I’m interested in learning how to do my makeup properly. When most of my friends were learning about makeup and finding their style, I was learning about health and fitness. My latest interest has been into everything lip related and I’ve been playing around with different nude lip combos. This was very hard to choose but Mac Cosmetics Lip Liner in Chestnut has been my monthly favourite. It comes out in this dark purple colour and it is absolutely beautiful on Black skin. I like to pair it up with my NYX Butter Gloss in Praline or Ginger Snap.

IKEA Kallax Shelving Unit

IKEA Kallax Shelving Unit

Even though I like to have adventures out of my flat, creating and decorating my flat into an oasis has been my adventure for the last six months. Each new piece that I add brings me a step closer to the final finish. I know that it is easy to rush the furnishing and decorating part of your home but I’m really happy that I have taken my time with it. My favourite item is my IKEA Kallax Shelving Unit. It’s a bookshelf, a statement piece, a room divider and storage unit in one – a multipurpose item and aesthetically pleasing. It would be a great place to store games, add accents to compliment the flat. I can’t wait to fully decorate it with more plants and family pictures.

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