Shooting September With AfriBix

Wearing AfriBix Fitwear

This post is sponsored by AfriBix. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s easy to wear the same gymwear from the same companies because you know how they will fit and look on you. It’s easy to stay in that comfort zone and not venture out of it. Thanks to AfriBix, I can say that I will be bringing more patterns and prints into my fitness fashion style. Doing my first photshoot outside and wearing patterned and printed clothing that are statement pieces in themselves allowed me to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

All the items I wore in this shoot were gorgeous from the colours down to their representation of Black and African culture. I always love having a piece of my Nigerian heritage in everything that I shoot whether it is clothing, hair, jewellery or the music around me. The bold red colour with the various African prints are perfect for not only gym sessions whether that is powerlifting or running, but they are comfortable for a lounging at home – which is perfect now that it is autumn and we are spending more time at home.

The material is very different to what I am used to as it is thinner than the thicker fabrics that I wear. The stretchiness and the fact that it is squat proof despite being a thinner fabric makes it my go-to outfit when I want to wear something bright to match my mood. The waistband, which can cause issues for some due to it rolling down, didn’t have that effect for me. I didn’t have to pull up the Tribal Print leggings or the Tribal Ubuntu Lycra shorts once whilst training which is a huge plus for me. The Tribal Print sports bra comes in both padded and unpadded, I am wearing a medium in the unpadded version in the photos. It was comfortable and compact – no room for anything to slip out but the padded version would have been better for my powerlifting sessions.

Wearing the Tribal Ubuntu Lycra Shorts with the Tribal Print Sports bra and the Pidgin Print trsiners

If you are looking for something that is:

  1. Stylish yet comfortable to workout in
  2. Comes in various styles that promotes body positivity and overall wellness
  3. Celebrates heritage, individuality and inclusivity
The Pidgin Print Trainers

AfriBix is worth checking out! Hands down, I love that it is a Black-owned and women-owned brand where the deisgns are completely done by the owner and her team. I love that it has this personal touch of heritage and bod positivity that is showcased in every single item. Doing a photoshoot in these pieces was an experience!

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