Training for My First Powerlifting Meet: 2 Weeks Out


The excitement is real right now! I’m 2 weeks out and strength just keeps on going up. I’ll have to admit that I am feeling tired and my energy levels are not as high as they have been in the past. Focusing on dialing in, sleep, recovery and nutrition are my priority as I get closer to meet day. Ordering my singlet and deadlift socks tonight!

This has been the hardest training week for me ever but it will be worth it in the end. Working on my top singles for each lift and I know that these tough times are going to pay off.

I’m enjoying each day as it comes by immersing myself fully in all the experiences. I’m manifesting my intentions. My entire focus has been on this meet, taking each day one a time, making little tweaks in terms of my food sources. I made sure to keep my foods the same. The worst thing you can do is introduce new foods that you haven’t eaten during your prep so close to meet day because your body could have a reaction to it or bloat you causing panic that you might not reach stay within the parameters of your weight class.

I’ll be competing in the 63kg/ ~ 138lbs weight class as a classic open powerlifter.

Until next time,

Folakemi Olamide 💓

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