Training for My First Powerlifting Meet: 3 Weeks Out


I hope you are speaking your dreams into existence.

Again I’m behind on these posts especially as meet day is fast approaching (this Saturday). I will be posting the next two blog posts in this series this week and next week, I’ll post my peak week thoughts and my recap of meet day.

I thought that I wasn’t going to be competing in November because I was initially put on the waitlist. I found out at 6 weeks out that there was a possibility that I could compete. My coach and I had discussed it. Our plan was if I got into the meet, that’s great. If I didn’t, I would still prep as if I was in the meet and do a mock meet at my home gym so I got a semi-feel of how it would be on the day.

The evening of October 28th I received an email from the organisers declaring that I got a place in the meet. I was elated and it has been a whirlwind from there. I bought my flight ticket, deadlift shoes, singlet, undershirt and socks. My mindset shifted, my energy increased and my focus sharpened. Every day, I wake up and I tell myself to take everything a day at a time.

The email was a blessing in disguise.

At the beginning of 2018, I wrote out my intentions for the year. 10 personal ones and 10 fitness ones. Number two on my fitness list was to compete in a powerlifting competition. At the time, I was interning and my contract was going to end in May 2018. I had no idea if I would get a permanent position at the company or if I would find another internship/job in time to finance this intention. I still took the risk and chose a meet. Then I researched powerlifting coaches via Instagram, looking through credentials and reviews until I had a list of three potential coaches. I signed up with my coach in February 2018 and told myself I’ll figure out the financing as I go along.

In April 2018, I found out I got the permanent position which made this intention and goal more into an actual reality. Thus, when I got the email of being wait listed initially, it did break my heart slightly as I had gone through so much to get to this point.

The email I received the evening of October 28 was a blessing yet a manifestation of mental realm becoming something physical. All the seeds that I had sown over the last couple of years in terms of physical strength, mental clarity and strength and spiritual growth were coming alive. I just needed to have faith in myself. It’s things like this that have made me believe in the power of speaking things into existence constantly and believing that what you envision in your mind can form into something physical and manifest quicker into your life.

Until next time,

Folakemi Olamide 💓

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