Trip to Annecy: August 2018


Annecy 🇫🇷. my short weekend trip in you taught me a lot about myself and solo travelling. Thank you for being a life lesson.

One weekend in August, I decided to go to Annecy, France for a little solo shopping trip. Previously, I had travelled to Lyon in February for a shopping trip with friends but this time, I needed to go by myself. I find a sense of comfort being in my own company and I hadn’t travelled by myself in a while.

I took a 1 hour bus trip from Geneva to Annecy and stayed at the Best Western Hotel. As soon as I crossed the border, I was ready to learn how to be comfortable travelling solo.

Annecy is known as the little Venice in France and it was beautiful. As soon as your feet touch the cobbled streets and your eyes scan the canals with dwellers setting up their markets, the smell of fresh bread and medium-level chatter enter your ears, you know that you have reached the heart of Old town.

I spent the Saturday that I arrived shopping and eating (of course), then spent the Sunday sightseeing. I had filet de perche for lunch at this restaurant, La Coupole, in the heart of Old Town.

To say that Annecy was beautiful does not do this little town justice. I was uncomfortable doing another solo trip this year but I explored this town on my own terms accumulating over 30, 000 steps 😂 I treated myself, took a boat ride across the lake mesmerised by how magnificent nature is. Travelling solo is rewarding and a blessing. You learn about yourself when no one is around, how to be comfortable on your own. I’m not there yet but I’m embracing everything it has to offer!

Wishing you all a great week!

Until next time,

Folakemi Olamide 😊

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