Nigerian Wedding Series: The White Wedding

Happy Thursday friends! Finally bringing the last post in the Nigerian Wedding Series to you. This post focuses on the white wedding. It was magical and emotional watching my friend marry the love of her life. I was so happy that I was a part of her big day. As I mentioned previously in the series, Nigerian weddings are two to three days long depending on how you do it. This was day two: the white wedding. The white wedding is the church service and the reception which usually takes place after the traditional wedding. Some people choose to do the white wedding a day after the traditional wedding, whilst others choose to do it a month later in the same country or as a destination wedding elsewhere.
On a cool spring day, the church was filled with a plethora of colour and happy faces as I watched my friend walk down the aisle to marry her husband. I got slightly emotional as she is one of my first friends to get married (and of course if you know Nigerian relatives, they start to put the pressure on you to tie the knot and have children…). It was a beautiful wedding in East London and her dress was stunning as was she. The reception took place in North London at this beautiful location. It was absolutely amazing! The colour coordination, the layout of the suite, the decorations, the food and the organisation of the evening made it that more magical. The speeches made by the Maid of Honour, and the Best Man were hilarious, especially the Best Man’s as I had to stop myself from drinking water throughout because I was laughing consistently. All I’m going to say is “double cheese burger”. The bouquet throwing was one of my favourite parts of the wedding because traditionally, women have to fight each other to catch the bouquet. My friend decided to let the men catch the bouquet instead seeing as they are the ones that doing the pursuing and the asking in the end. The music was a mixture of the classic afrobeat tunes, a little grime, afro bashment and a lot of spraying money. Overall, it was an incredibly beautiful two days and one of the highlights of my summer. If you have missed the rest of the series, here are the links to the previous parts:
  1. Aso Ebi
  2. Bridal Shower
  3. Bachelorette Weekend
  Hope you all have a great rest of your week. Until next time, Folakemi Olamide  

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