Nigerian Wedding Series: Bridal Shower

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This is part 2 of the Nigerian Wedding Series and we are going to talk about the bridal shower. If you have just stumbled on this post, welcome to my blog and click here to read part 1.

Bridal Shower

A Nigerian bridal shower is not as different as what you would expect a typical bridal shower to be. It was an African-themed shower with African dishes, some Korean chicken (the bride is big on South Korea), African music, lots of drinks and gift-giving.

For a lot of us, it was our first bridal shower so we didn’t really know what to expect and how to plan it. Overall, the event was beautiful, it was great to bond with the other girlfriends in her life and it made me excited for the bachelorette weekend three weeks later. 😉

Even though I was not a bridesmaid, I was part of Team Bride so I flew in for the weekend. The maid of honour, the bridesmaids, another close friend of the bride and I organised a bridal shower. We had planned both a bridal and a hen (bachelorette) vacation for our bride-to-be. We rented out an AirBnb in East London for day and the theme for all the guests was to wear to wear all-white whilst the bride wore red.

There were around 20 girls in total at the bridal shower. We introduced ourselves and each shared an embarrassing story that we had with the bride-to-be.

We played three bridal games: 1) Make a wedding dress out of tissue paper, 2) How well do you know the bride, and 3) Mr. and Mrs. – how well do the couple know each other? For the third game, we invited the groom to the shower. They each had a whiteboard and the maid of honour asked 10 questions to both the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be.

The whole event was so touching because it had finally hit me that my first friend was getting married. The days leading to the wedding was emotional and I was really happy that I could be a part of a big event in her life that was life-changing.

I wish I could share more pictures from the day but permissions from the actual people is necessary. Please enjoy a picture of the cake below.


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