Don’t Let Someone Else Write The Rest Of Your Story

Last Sunday as I was sitting on the metro heading into the city, I thought to myself that why do the opinions of others have an effect on our lives? Why do we give them that control?

The only person that you should seek validation from is yourself and no one else. In this society, we share so much of our lives with others around the world who we probably haven’t met before, and through that we can grow into a community exchanging knowledge. At the same time, we can get trapped into this bubble where we start rely on the opinions of others to shape the trajectory of our lives. It can become suffocating and our authenticity, our realness¬†that we all individually have within us molds into something foreign, alien and trapped.

By trying to please others and allowing their judgements, and assumptions about how we lead our lives can create a cloud of self-doubt within us. Gradually, we can become focused on reaching the expectations of others over our own.

Don’t Let Someone Else Write The Rest Of Your Story!

We are all unique, beautiful people with various characteristics and talents that we can share and contribute to the world. Inside our hearts, we know who we are, we know what lights our fire, what brightens our eyes and what makes us fly. By keeping that power within us, we control our destiny, we control which paths we take in life and to some extent, the direction of where we are headed.

Don’t Let Someone Else Write The Rest Of Your Story – There is just so much power in that one statement alone.

Until next time,

Folakemi Olamide

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